Untill we meet again

Untill we meet again….

Dream Charm

….and now the end is near….

We are all heading to our final destination…

Never once, we meet and shake our hands in reality,

even we are thousand miles away… in a different part of the world.

But hey, ….it’s so strange

…I feel so close to you all

I have not only a global team to work with

But then most of all, ….I have a new family!


Thanks to the advanced technology nowadays

that would allowed us to experience

 the amazing online learning program together.

Thanks to Dr.Hampshire to guide us to the right direction how to be a true scholar

And for my colleagues:

Nyiedium Ifiok-Ufot, Jessica Caputo, Tammy Maasen,

Juwan Trooter, Shannon Cameron and Martha Razor

I would like to thank you

for our learning teamwork with you all in Walden University

Especially for exchanging information, sharing their knowledge

and unique life experience that enriched me in so many ways

and new professional network I have in you all.

Global Team work 2

I wish someday we would also meet each other,

support each other, work together

to give a meaningful contribution to our society

to make this world is a better place

for every children in the world to live and grow

Ants team work

When the best and the brightest come together, the possibilities are endless!
Hope to see you again my colleagues in Walden University!

Once again,

Thank you, and thank you


Brunei Darussalam

June, 2013


Regards, Evita Kartikasari







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