Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

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Talking about the issues about gender identity and sexual orientation itself, especially in the context within my country Indonesia- well, truly speaking- it is a very heavy issues! I have not mention yet how to talk about both of the issues above with the implementation in early childhood field there. Well, anyway, a journey of a thousand miles should start from a single step. So, let us get started. . . .

Based on the report from the news in Jakarta Globe (2013), research shows that Indonesia is strongly opposed to LGBT rights. Based on the study by the Pew Research Center who surveyed more than 37,000 people in 39 countries, it found Indonesians were overwhelming opposed to homosexuality, with 93 percent saying that gay people should not be accepted.

It was very interested to find out what the Pew Research Center in Jakarta Globe (2013) said, “Acceptance of homosexuality is particularly widespread in countries where religion is less central in people’s lives. These are also among the richest countries in the world,” Pew said in its summary of the findings. “In contrast, in poorer countries with high levels of religiosity, few believe homosexuality should be accepted by society.” Muslim countries were found to be overwhelmingly opposed to homosexuality.

Since same sex marriage/relationships are not accepted in the law and society in my country, therefore the same-sex couples are not eligible to adopt a child in Indonesia. Only married couples consisting of a husband and a wife can have children or adopt them. At the end, talking about the inclusion of books, toy and educational materials depicting same-sex partnered families was still far away to be faced and encountered in my society.

I realized that in my country Indonesia-it is still a long long way to go for achieving the openness and tolerance toward people with diverse sexuality. Although I am a straight one and raised up in a Catholic family, right now I am in my phase when I am opening my eyes, my ears and especially my mind, to the different and changing society around me. In my opinion, we are all human and we are all the same-the God’s children. That is all that matter! As if this everybody is aware of the negative stigma toward them and willing to live side by side in discrimination-free atmosphere with them… then we can think about advanced collaboration in many aspects of life….




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