About Me

…our unforgettable summer holiday in Planten und Blomen, Hamburg-Germany

Hello, welcome to my world of childhood !!!

My name is Evita Nidyawati Kartikasari. Right now I live in Brunei Darussalam in South East Asia. We just moved from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman-Middle East, after had been living there for almost 10 years.

There in Muscat-Oman, I was working in an international kindergarten that was  provided for the expatriates. Having experiences in working with colleagues, parents and students with different backgrounds and nationalities is really enriching me.

At this moment,  I am holding Master of Science (M.S.) in Early Childhood Education in Richard W. Riley College of Education and Leadership, Walden University, USA. I have a bachelor degree in Psychology. I also certified as Montessori teacher from The North American Montessori Centre and licensed as a Kindermusik Educator from The Kindermusik USA.

My great passion in art, craft, music and passion for children are flourishing from day by day as I experience myself to see my own children growing at home. My working experience as a Kindergarten teacher is one of the manifestations of my great passions for teaching, children and their development.

…I will let my passion lead my way….


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Nice to meet you in the field of Early Childhood.

  2. Brigitte Wullur

    Hi Evita,
    What a coinsidence! I linked to your blog while trying to find some information about Indonesian child & poverty, and happened to find about you an Indonesian who is currently taking EC course at Walden. I just started with Walden last February, and am taking EC for MSEC as well. I work for a kindergarten in BSD, Tangerang. Your information is so fruitful and indeed touching to see our children in Indonesia. Who knows one day we can work together after we finish our study.

    • Hi Briggitte, what a great coincidence that we are connected. it was great to have support and colleagues along the way to reach our aim through Walden Uni. Keep in touch and stay connected.

      Regards from Brunei Darussalam


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