Thank You for the Music!

Thank You for the Music!

People are always surprised, by how quickly they can connect to the other people when they find that they have the same passion in life.  I remember my own experience how excited I was to meet and be involved with the precious friends who share the same passion in music and singing.

I was living in Oman, Middle East at that time-as part of the episode in our expatriate life and journey with my family. There, I met variety of friends, but I also met a couple of friends who share a sense of identity: we were the expatriate wives, we were from the same country-Indonesia, and we  loved music and singing. That’s why suddenly I felt “clicked” when I met them! Then we agreed to establish the vocal group –the expatriate wives vocal group-that we named it “Swara Diva”-The Voice of the Diva.

Me (second right) and the The Swara Diva-The Voice of the Diva!

Me (second right) and the The Swara Diva-The Voice of the Diva!

At first, we were just keeping on practicing for the sake of getting the excitement of being in a group who really understand the enjoyment of the singing. Nevertheless, slowly, people around us started to recognize the identity of our group.Therefore, when there was a big event in our community, we were being invited to perform there! I could not believe it! The peak of the performance of Swara Diva was at the Indonesian Festival, a great festival to celebrate and present the Indonesian culture and tourism in a far away land in Oman, Middle East, -and we became one of the main performer there. People from various countries came and were willing to buy the ticket to attend and appreciate the festival. They came not only to taste the great original food from our country, to see the cultural performance such as the various dancing, traditional puppet show, or to find out more about tourism in our country… but of course to see the performance of our vocal group in singing the Indonesian traditional songs! It was one of the unforgettable day in our life since the festival was a huge success…..!!

Swara Diva was performing in Indonesian Festival in Muscat, Oman-Middle East, 2010.

Swara Diva was performing in Indonesian Festival in Muscat, Oman-Middle East, 2010.

Living the expatriate life, especially in oilfield industries, we realize that nothing last forever… When oil is still flowing, our life will always keep moving. There always times when everything comes to an end- in the “adjourning” stage for a group whose project or task has come to an end. It is when our team members in vocal group were moving off into different direction because our husband has the new job and assignment in a new country.

And here comes the hardest part of a solid teamwork in our vocal group: it was the time when we have to say goodbye to the personnel, our best friends…. One by one go to the different direction of the world to continue their life following the husband’s job and carrier in oilfield industries.

So long... farewell... and our song will never be the same again without you....

So long… farewell… and our song will never be the same again without you….

To mark this stage, we usually held a celebratory lunch or farewell party to appreciate everything that we have done together, and we express our appreciation in speech and even in a song! At the end, before one of the member go, we would sing together as a vocal group for the last time…

...sometimes music speaks better than words....

…sometimes music speaks better than words….

I wrote this as a memoir that passion in music and singing could unite people even with the different backgrounds… “Swara Diva” as a vocal group has taught me a lot to develop my personal confidence as well as listening skills, and how to create a fully bonded team and of course a wonderful friendship in a far away land away from our home country. Although we were scattered in the different countries now, we always longing to do the reunion and sing together as a team!

The Reunion of Swara Diva in Jakarta-Indonesia 2012

The Reunion of Swara Diva in Jakarta-Indonesia 2012
(me at the second left)

Without a song or a dance what are we?

So I say thank you for the music

For giving it to me  

(Thank You for the Music-ABBA)


Brunei Darussalam,

June 2013

Evita Kartikasari


3 responses to “Thank You for the Music!

  1. nyiedum ifiok-ufot

    I always love the creativity of your blog, thanks for sharing your memories. I love being in a singing group because music is part of my life. I can relate with your story especially when your in a foreign country and music is the main thing you get to share in common with a few friends. The adjourning stage must be difficult for you when you or your friends have to move. My husband is also in the oil industry but fortunately or unfortunately he is not a moving staff because he is in construction.


    Evita I can relate very well to connecting with a person or persons, when I was an undergraduate I did not know what to expect. Going to school at an older age and being in class with lot of younger kids was a challenge for me. However I meet this one young lady we connected so well and we are friends to this day. She was older a wife and mother we shared a lot and we knew what we were there for, it is good to find people you can connect too. GREAT POST, GREAT PICTURES!!!

  3. Evita, I basically had tears in my eyes while reading your post. It was very touching. I can tell that you had the time of your life when you were singing with the group. Reading your post is one of the things that I am going to miss. You are very creative. Thank you for sharing such a memorable
    moment and I wish you the best during your professional journey.

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