Exploring Roles in Early Childhood Education Community

Exploring Roles in Early Childhood Education Community

TCK Aeroplane

Living my life as a ‘nomadic’ expatriate lifestyle with my children and families for more than ten years until now, for sure it brings my interest to explore the organization and community that could sustain my passion in Early Childhood Education. Since it is not easy to find that kind of community here, therefore I start finding it online to reach out the community that could represent me and my family.

TCK Photo

One day I stumble into the website about Third Culture Kids (http://tckid.com/). According to this website, the definition of the Third Culture Kids is a person who has spent a significant part of his or her developmental years outside their parent’s culture. I was very excited to found out that actually TCKid is a non-profit community run by volunteers dedicated to connect the third culture kids from around the world!

TCK Girl

Found in 2007, TCKid is actually an open-forum and growing global community for everyone who has interest in cross-cultural dialogue focused on the aims to increase collaboration and dialogue between people from different culture and nationalities, highlight the TCK issues such as friendship, grief, restlessness and many more. Another aim of the TCKid community is providing the educational framework in which anyone can become the active leader in their own education.

I already became the member of TCKid organization quite long time ago, particularly I was really interested to join the section TCKResearch. I was very interested to join this section particularly because I really want to understand what the TCKid go through, the issues they have to encounter, how the TCKid cope with the changing environment, as well as prepare parents and organization dedicated to help the TCKid.

By joining the TCKResearch section, I am not just want to be stay informed with the latest issues of the TCKid, but also this is the part of the job opportunities that interest me is that I could contribute to the TCKResearch, as a researcher or helping with data collection as I am involving with the TCKid first hand, every day in my home!


After I finished my study and get the Master Degree soon, I also would like to continue my work as a teacher again. Therefore I need to keep on sharpening my skills and broaden my experience in early childhood field. My involvement in the TCKid community is actually to keep in touch with the latest issued of the TCKids from around the world.

So far, I have not found the early childhood education community around me in my one year living here in the new place. I am sure whether it is because I have not found the community or merely there is no community like this available here. So should I establish and start my own community of practice in early childhood education myself? Well, it is such an awakening question to ponder in my weekend today!


This blog is written in my cozy bedroom in my house in Panaga area in Brunei Darussalam, the human resident place where there is population of the rare Hornbills birds are living freely among the big trees around the environment, as close as the big trees in front of my window now! How I was so blessed to have the experience to live in the only place in the world, where Hornbills live in proximity to humans!

This is the Hornbills captured with camera around my house. Photograph was taken by my father was he visited me here in Brunei.

This is the Hornbills captured with camera around my house. Photograph was taken by my father when he visited me here in Brunei.

November, 2013

Regards, from the heart of Borneo

Evita Kartikasari


TCKid: A Home for Third Culture Kids. Retrieved from http://tckid.com/


5 responses to “Exploring Roles in Early Childhood Education Community

  1. Evita, I would like to hope that that are other community of partners there; however, I think it is great that you are going to help the children with research. That is awesome. I cannot remember ever seeing the Hornbill birds at the Botanical Gardens at the zoo. They sure look like they are enjoying the beautiful day.

  2. Evita, I love that your passion for the field of early childhood has taken you to exploring organizations that keep you connected to the early childhood community. I would suggest that you work to creating your own early childhood community. I think you would do a wonderful job of bringing the people in your area together to educate them on the field of early childhood. Thank you for sharing the picture of those beautiful birds.

  3. Andrea Greer-Long

    You selected organizations I have never heard of, so thank you for expanding my list of organizations to keep in my radar. I like that fact that you want to teach again. Teaching is very rewarding! Having the opportunity to impact lives through education gives me a joy that I cannot express. I still remember some of the teachers I had growing up and even in my college years who made a huge impact in my life. Kudos to you for wanting to continue in this path. I wish you the best in that endeavor.

  4. Evita,
    I agree with Melissa; what a great opportunity for you to create your own early childhood community. You are very passionate about this and would be very successful. I would urge you to seriously think about this! You will have the tools and the Education to start this.
    What have you researched from the TCKid? What interesting things have you found out that you would like to share? That would help you with forming your own ECE community?


    • Susan,
      it is very kind of you to encourage me to create my own community of practice! I can not believe there is someone out there who believes in me!
      Thank you very much for all great support and I wish you all the best for your project as well!

      Evita Kartikasari

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