Evita’s Personal Childhood Web

“Witness the American ideal: the Self-Made Man. But there is no such person. If we can stand on our own two feet, it is because others have raised us up. If, as adults, we can lay claim to competence and compassion, it only means that other human beings have been willing and enabled to commit their competence and compassion to us—through infancy, childhood, and adolescence, right up to this very moment.”

Urie Bronfenbrenner . Psychologist, specialist in human development.

This page is dedicated to the wonderful people who reshaped and built my life, laid a solid and strong foundation for me, so I can be who I am today!

My father and mother-my greatest source of love and strength!

My Mom, Ibu Kadarwati:

A beautiful woman, gentle and kind…. but inside she is as strong as steel. She loved me, took care of me…. I am her world. She is my living example that being a woman we must be gentle as well as strong and nurture as well as protect. Her passion in singing is the root of my own passion in music.  She is not just a great wife, but also a great partner and best friend to my Father.  I am glad that until now she is still the source of happiness to me and my family, especially my children. Until we meet again this summer holiday, Mom!

My Father, Bapak Suyadi

Patient, wise, low profile and calm. Most people will describe him in this way. His sense of humor is a big attraction to me and his circle of friends. So when he is around, life seems so enjoyable and wonderful. His passion for art is the great inspiration of my own passion for it. His love and faithfulness to Mom until now is every woman’s dream in this world.  Until we meet again this summer holiday, Father!

My Grandfather, Eyang Mulyobaksono

He was a hard worker, great businessman and provider of the whole family. But for him, still, knowledge was more valuable than gold, money or any material thing in this world.  ‘Knowledge is power’ was a great value that I learnt from him, a great inspiration to what I am doing right now. The memories of you will always alive in my heart.

My Grandmother, Eyang Sumirin

She was the great partner to my grandfather, not just in his life but also in his work as a businessman. She was my inspiration until now how a woman should manage her life balance between work and family. I will always keep the memories of you alive in my heart.


My sister, my wonderful soul-mate!

My sister , Mbak Wanti

She was my soul mate, a shoulder to rely on. A trusted place to share a lot of secret, a great source of advice and guidance. When I was a little girl, I often asked her to teach me math, the subject she was really good at. So, she was my teacher too! My saddest moment was the time she should go to university, to be very far away from all of us at home for a long time.   I was so lucky to have a great sister like her until now!

"The more, the merrier"-The full team of my family. My mother and father. Me and my family, and my sister and her family.




4 responses to “Evita’s Personal Childhood Web


    This is powerful and insightful very touching about those who love an support you- the pictures show great strength . I hope you share with the family this tribute !

  2. Hi Jordannn,

    Thanks for the great idea. Yes for sure I will share it with them!

    Evita Kartikasari

  3. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful overview of your support system. You can vision the strength and love in your family.

  4. mae Foto nang baru, ngahe nana di pasang….(mana foto keluarga terbaru, kok ga’ di pasang)

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