My Son, My Little Mozart

My Son, My Little Mozart

My son Fernando-from the very young age was really interested in  music...

My son Fernando-from the very young age he was really interested in music…
Location: Our home sweet home in Muscat, Oman-Middle East.

It has been quite some time that my 3 years old son- Fernando- joins the program called ‘Little Mozart’ in a music center not too far from where we live here in Seria, Brunei Darussalam. The ‘Little Mozart’ is actually an interaction in a music and movement class for young children. This is a program to encourage a love for music in young children, as young as 3-5 years old, designed to help develop singing and listening skills in music and impart an appreciation for many musical styles.

This program combines general musicianship activities with those that develop performance skills at the piano.  Skills taught in the course focus on keyboard performance, listening, pitch matching, keyboard technique, and singing, rhythm, movement, and music appreciation.

My son Fernando and his music teacher-Teacher Aubrey!

My son Fernando and his music teacher-Teacher Aubrey!
Location: Music Centre in Kuala Belait, Brunei Darussalam.

We are very lucky to meet the teacher named Teacher Aubrey in this program for my son. She is a music teacher who was able to present herself as a person who was fun, guiding, playful, and patient to deliver her competencies in musical abilities to the young children. She really understood that she was involving with young children. Therefore, her voice tone was soft but clear enough to be heard by the children but still make them feel comfortable and not afraid to her. The teacher sometimes lowers her body until she reached the same eye level of the children, so the children would feel secure.

I can see that the teacher in this program was able to present the affirming communication with my son as the young children. She was able to present the active process to communicate effectively involving the mindful speaking and listening. She communicated effectively in verbal language with the young children using a clear and fluent English language that understood by the children. She managed to give clear, simple explanation and order what to do, what to sing and how to move. She always mentions each name of the student, indicating that she knew them personally really well.  The teacher also never forgets to give praise whenever the children did well in the program, and still encouraging the children positively whenever they seemed not really understand what to do.  

My son Fernando right now-my little Mozart, my future musician!

My son Fernando right now-my little Mozart, my future musician!

It is more than six month already that my son already joined this program. I can see a good progress in my son that now he starts to recognize the basic keys in the piano, the low or high sound, the values of the keys, how to play and hit the key with the right finger, and understand how to interpret the dynamics signs according to the musical language. So far, I can see that the teacher as well as my son seemed very excited to involve in this program. Since this program combines the general musicianship in singing and movement, my son was singing, dancing, and jumping happily according to the rhythm of the music in this program-well, of course my son now is a better singer and dancer too!

My son Fernando, my little dancer... baby you are firework!

My son Fernando, my little dancer… baby you are firework!

 I realize now that every person who deal with young children need to understand how to communicate with this little people: practicing the affirming communication that involved the mindful listening to and speaking with the children. As I can see here in the Little Mozart program that my son is involving, the appropriate affirming communication could make the message of the musical knowledge delivered successfully to the young children and satisfying each of them. At the end of the session, the teacher and the my son sing the goodbye song while they were smiling and waving hands to each other, and giving a big hug to each other tightly.

“Without a song or a dance what are we?
So I say thank you for the music
For giving it to me”


Brunei Darussalam,

September 2013.

Evita Kartikasari



3 responses to “My Son, My Little Mozart

  1. Evita,
    I am glad you have had a good experience with your son and the communication with his teacher. It is so important people who deal with children in these settings understand how to speak to children in affirming ways. Thank you for sharing,

  2. Hi,
    I enjoy reading your blog. Communicating with children is not easy, that is why adults need to find the proper ways to interact with children. I’m glad that your son and his teacher enjoy each other’s company.

  3. Evita,
    This is a great example of the effective communication between the teacher and a student. And of course, the outcome is positive because your son seems to be so excited about learning music, movement and dance. Thank you for sharing

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