Tribute to Stephen Covey

Tribute to Stephen Covey


It was a typical day in our morning, that my husband Erik-an oilfield engineer, told me that he was going to have a course in the office. Well, usually in the evening after he came back from the office, he would be full of excitement to share his day with me about the course and the people involved in it. I guessed he would told me all the matter of the course concerning with how to enhance the oil production, the coil tubing or any other things about oilfield business and industries. I always very excited and amazed when he explained about his world in oilfield world.

Well, today is exceptional. My husband went home and told me that he just had the Seven Habit Course. Is it the Seven Habit from Stephen Covey? He said yes. Stephen Covey and its Seven Habit for the Highly Effective People is not a new thing for my husband and me. In the early of our university years, both of us were already heard, read the Seven Habit book as well as encounter with some discussion about it with our friends.

And this evening my husband told me that he really had a great time in the course and built a new relationship and network with the other new colleagues as well as the certified trainers from the Franklin Covey Company! I was so jealous!

I consider that Stephen Covey was one of the great people who exhibit competent communication skills that inspired me in so many ways since long time before. His book of The Seven Habit of Highly Effective People has been a truly inspiration for me since long time ago to take a reformation within myself to be an effective person and I am still learning to be the one right now.

Stephen Covey was also internationally respected and recognized as an author, family expert, organizational consultant, businessperson, keynote speaker and most of all, he was an educator and a teacher! Even though I never met him in person, from the book he wrote and the video I watched about his teaching, I always admire Stephen Covey’s public speaking skill, which was so powerful with a knowledge, very calm, systematic, empathic and interactive with the audiences-and yet still has a strong power of influences to the audiences.

It was the time when Walden University goes to Muscat, Oman and I was sharing my experience as an online student to the audiences. It was a great experience!

It was the time when Walden University goes to Muscat, Oman and I was sharing my experience as an online student to the audiences. It was a great experience!

Stephen Covey used many kind methods to deliver his message to the audiences. The methods varies from a very touching slide shows with the wonderful music, questions and answers about self-reflection, role play and even the hands-on experience full of analogy. Stephen covey was a very great public speaker who can create a creative way to deliver his message. Therefore, since the audience were facilitated to find the answer by them self, they will remember it forever. His reputation as the Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential Americans and the authored a number of books focused on leadership has a great effect to give trust to what he taught on his course.

One principle from the Seven Habit that really rooted deeply in my mind and my heart is the second principle: Begin with the end in mind. It is based on the principle that all things are created twice:

Begin with the end in mind

First:  in mind or mental creation.

Second: a physical creation.

From now on, I would be dare to imagine myself and made the mental creation , my wish to be a great public speaker who can influence others in many ways someday….,

..and the course this month in my study about communication and collaboration in early childhood field could be an updated knowledge to equip myself to do a physical creation to respond whenever the opportunities arise around me to present myself in front of the public effectively….


I really wish to be able to find my own voice and encourage others to find their own voice as well.


Evita kartikasari


Covey, Stephen (1989, 2004). The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Franklin Covey.

O’Hair, D., & Wiemann, M. (2012). Real communication: An introduction. New York: Bedford/St. Martin’s.


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