….when I think of research……

….when I think of research……

It has been years….  I did not keep in touch with the world of research since my last research in the years when I pursued my bachelor degree…( hmmm seems just yesterday but I can’t even remember how many years ago?…)

Recently, as I immerse myself in my study about the early childhood research, I became so excited with the fact that the world of research, as well as the early childhood field itself is changing rapidly.

The childhood today is very different of those of ten, twenty, or even five years ago because of global, national, regional and local differences, the invention of the latest and fastest transportation vehicle, as well as the way how people communicate nowadays with the invention of the internet and the social network.  Nowadays, people are easier to move from one place to another, or to connect to each other without any boundary of time and place.

The Global Children around the world

The Global Children around the world

This fact will bring consequences that more and more children nowadays become the member of ‘global citizenship’, not just because of their knowledge and education about the global world itself, but simply because they are also moving with their family to another country-for so many reasons. It can be the migration, expatriate work, study abroad or even as refugee in the war, and many more.

As a novice researcher in this field, I would like to have more understanding about the “children on the go”-especially the children of the expatriate parents-just like my own children! The research topic about the childhood bilingualism spark my interest much.

Being born and raised in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman- my children grow up under the dessert sun, among the sand dunes, surrounded with the date tress… and beautiful turquoise beaches of Oman…This is the moment when they cherish the childhood, so playful in front of our house.
Grow and glow, Aubrey and Fernando
My children of the sun.
(Photographer: by Mommy) 

I have the passion to get more understanding the childhood bilingualism by doing the early childhood research about childhood bilingualism using the qualitative method, by interviewing the expatriate parents about their parental language planning and practice to foster their children’s bilingualism.

Talking about the qualitative method in the research, many people said that doing the qualitative method is not as easy as quantitative method. They said that quantitative method is easier because this method is testing the hypotheses with the empirical data using numerical values rather than explaining complex phenomenon trough verbal description ( usually derives from the interview) just like qualitative method with the triangulation* as a research strategy.

Quantitative VS Qualitative Method. Which one you choose??

Well,….  doing the qualitative research for me it not about easy or not easy-it simply another challenge to conquer. I fancy myself as qualitative researcher because I like to listen to the people and people stories are matter to me compared to their answer to the question with yes/no, agree/not agree/strongly agree….etc in the Likert scale!

I would like to thank to my mentor Dr. Terry Davis for the knowledge and guidance in learning all about the research in early childhood field.  I also would like to thank my colleagues :Debra Halbert, Jordann Nelson, Tamieka Kaho, Erica Hines, Hope Manuel and Sandra Mc.Nair for the time we spent together to discuss, support each other and sharing experiences in learning about research in early childhood. I know if someday I need some insight need to discuss my research, you guys will be a great network I should contact to get more perspective in this field. Good luck with all of your planning in your life, achievements and dreams….

My Fellow, whatever your dream is, …..dream big!!

I would like to say that now, me and my family is heading our way to moving to a new country to live –from the desert country  Sultanate of Oman in Middle East to the country Sultanate of Brunei Darussalam in South East Asia. I hope that the visa for the whole family to the new country will be ready next month and I will keep in touch with you all with our latest family adventure in Brunei, the oil country in the jungle!!

This is the Rainforest Canopy walk at Ulu Temburong. It is one of the longest in the world highlight of a trip to this Natural Park in Brunei.

Life is either daring adventure,…. or… nothing. (Hellen Keller)

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman-June, 2012

Warmest regard to you all-as warm as the sun shines now in this summer day…

Evita Kartikasari

*triangulation: is often used to indicate that more than two methods are used in a study with a view to double (or triple) checking results. This is also called “cross examination” (Wikipedia)


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