Research around the World: Early Childhood Australia

Research around the World: Early Childhood Australia

Talking about research in early childhood, sometimes I wonder what the current topic in some countries is. Do some countries have the same concern? ….or totally different from the other country?

Let us see the current research issues in Australia. Why I choose Australia? Well I just want to know the current childhood research issues in the country, which is so close to my home country Indonesia. To get to know more about the current early childhood issues in Australia, I started my exploration trough the website “Early Childhood Australia”.

To get the idea about the current research topic in Australia, I follow the section ‘Research In Practice Series’ in this website. The Research in Practice Series (RIPS) is a practical, easy-to-read resource, offering effective new approaches for those challenging issues which arise in the care and education of young children.

From the RIPS index, I found many interesting issues about early childhood research. Actually most of the issues are much related to the issues in United States, considering that Australia and USA has so much in common with the issues of multicultural society and children of immigrant, instead of the recent issues of childhood research such as curriculum, early years learning and teaching, emotional development, communication and many more.

There is an interesting book I would like to explore here. The title is “Diversity and difference: Lighting the spirit of identity” by Aunty Kerry Mundine and Miriam Giugni. From the sinopsys of this book, it is said that through their experiences of exploring diversity and difference in one inner suburban centre, authors Kerry Mundine and Miriam Giugni outline the impact of issues such as skin colour, language, knowledge of popular culture and perceptions of beauty among three- to five-year-olds.

In this book there is an inspiring yet confronting insight into the perceptions of cultural and racial equity of young children from a variety of backgrounds.

Well, maybe I had better to buy this book soon and find out more about this issues!

Talk to you later guys….

Evita Kartikasari


Early Childhood Australia. Retrieved from


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