Laying Foundation for Early Development. Policies about Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health.

My interest in the website Zerotothree grows even more from day by day. Today I would like to know more about the Public Policy in Unites States concerning with the young children’s mental health.

As a nonpartisan, research-based resource for federal and state policymakers, Zerotothree advocates the unique developmental needs of infants and toddlers. The Policy Center brings to bear ZERO TO THREE’s more than 30 years of research-based expertise on infant and toddler development to ensure that public policies reflect best practices and current research in support of our nation’s very young children.

The ZERO TO THREE Policy Center promotes good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences for all infants and toddlers, with special emphasis on those who are the most vulnerable and in need.

The Policy Center advances public policy solutions and investments for the health and development of very young children and their families. In doing so, the Policy Center synthesizes and disseminates knowledge, cultivates advocacy leadership, and engages policymakers

To know more about the public policy for the young children, I would like to learn more about the Infant-toddler Policy issue especially the section about Early Experiences Matter Policy Guide. This policy guide especially learn more about the policy issues that impact the good health, strong families, and positive early learning experiences of infants and toddlers.  With the needs of the whole child in mind, they are working to build comprehensive services that allow families with infants and toddlers to thrive.

We all know that good health the strong foundation for all children to grow, good health both physical healths as well as social and emotional health.  Let us learn more about policies and programs that support good health: especially social and emotional health. The Early Experiences Matter Policy Guide includes an issue brief on social and emotional health.

Social and emotional development. What does it mean?

Healthy social and emotional development refers to child’s capacity to experience, manage and express a full range of positive and negative emotion, develop close satisfying relationship with others, and actively explore environment and learn.  


Social and emotional development is an integral part of the foundation that helps guide a young child into adulthood and is firmly tied to every other area of development—physical growth and health, communication and language development, cognitive skills, and early relationships.

Parent-child relationship is so critical for early development; the mental wellness of adults plays a critical role in how very young children develop. When an infant or toddler’s social and emotional development suffers significantly, they can, and do, experience mental health problems as well.

Federal and state policymakers can strengthen the foundation being built for infants and toddlers by improving the continuum of services for the promotion and prevention of infant and early childhood mental health problems, as well as the provision of early intervention services for at-risk infants and toddlers.

There are five-policy recommendations that can support families to build a strong mental health foundation for families:

1.    Create or expand initiatives that integrate comprehensive infant and early childhood mental health services into child-serving settings.

 2.    Strengthen the capacity of the mental health system to diagnose and treat infants and toddlers.

 3.    Improve access to parental mental health services that treat maternal depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and family violence

4.    Provide funding for states to implement requirements to refer infants and toddlers with substantiated cases of abuse and neglect to Part C of    the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

 5.    Expand resources for parents and early childhood professionals on early social and emotional development, in order to advance evidence-based practices in infant and early childhood mental health

To find out more about this policy, it is worthy to spend your time to explore this great website the Zerotothree yourself! Even you will find the other wonderful topics that I guarantee it is very handy and useful in your daily life with your toddler!!


Laying Foundation for Early Development. Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health. Retrieved from


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