Getting to Know My International Contacts-Part 1

Get in Touch with the Issues about Poverty in my Country, Indonesia

The portrait of Indonesian students in the brown Scout uniform and the red-and-white school uniform that represent the color of the Indonesian National Flag.

This week I contacted my beloved long-old fellow best-friend, Titik Kristiani, MSi. She is a lecturer in a reputable university in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in the major of Psychology.

My fellow Titik Kristiani, MSi is also a mother of two toddler boys, so I could imagine how busy she is with her job as a lecturer, and her everyday activities with her family, especially with her sons. So, I really appreciate her willingness to always replay my emails and messages trough the short-message-service in her phone. Sometimes my phone was still beeping in the middle of the night, receiving the message from her. With the three hours different time between Oman and Indonesia, I knew that in the middle of the night here in Oman means almost dawn there in Indonesia. I do really appreciate her commitment not only for the early childhood field, but especially also to our friendship. Thanks Fellow!!

When I asked Titik Kristiani to share about her experience, idea or any programs she involved with poverty and early childhood education, she started sharing her experiences like this…..

The more disadvantage the children, the more essential it is the education system should reach them out...
Education for all. ... and this is one of the classroom reality...

Titik Kristiani told me that near where she lives in Yogyakarta, there was a village with most of the population was poor or low income families. Most of the adult sometimes with a great potential , did not have high education because of the poverty. So at the end there were just end up working as a laborer in the factories with low wages, ….or even worse, they would end up as unemployment.

Titik Kristiani, MSi understood that investing in young children is the key to reduce poverty in a country. Together with her husband who was also the lecturer in the same university and faculty where she worked, they had the idea to establish the community group to teach the young children and primary-age children from the low income family in the village near where they live. The educators and the teachers in this community was Titik Kristyani and her husband’s students from the Faculty of Psychology in the university where they worked, who were willing to volunteer their time and dedicated themselves to teach the children in the village. At the end, the children from the low income family from this village could experience the early childhood education with the good quality, but free of charge! So Titik Kristani will come there in the village as the program supervisor for her students who regularly volunteer to teach there in the village near where she lived.

What a great contribution to the society around you, my fellow Titik Kristyani and her husband! Your students in the university as the future-psychologist in the country also will have a great benefit to flourish their passion in educational psychology and early childhood education!

This is the portait of struggling of the Indonesian students in Banten-West Java. The broken bridge is never stopping them from reaching their future by attending to the nearest school everyday. In some places in Indonesia, especially in rural places, children often need to walk for hours, conquer the nature challenge such as river, mountain or forest to reach the nearest school everyday. Pack your spirit, let's go to school, everyone!!

Poverty in Indonesia is a major and multidimensional issue to resolve and need holistic solutions from many aspects. What my fellow Titik Kristyani did for the young children around her is really a great contribution for the society around her, for her students and for her own development as a professional in early childhood education.

Keep on sharing, keep on educating, and keep on inspiring!!

Warm Regards from Muscat, Oman

Evita Kartikasari


2 responses to “Getting to Know My International Contacts-Part 1

  1. Hi Evita! You have posted some powerful images that will inspire most people. Seeing the boys cross the broken bridge inspires many to never quit. It is important for professionals to move around barriers to find the solution to the neverending trend of poverty. I am more determined to find creative ways of defeating poverty in every country.

  2. How wonderful that you are able to have personal communication with another professional! It shows that Titik and her husband truly care about the welfare of the children around them. Has what she has done with volunteering inspired you in any way to try something new or volunteer in Oman? Thank you for sharing! Also, I wanted to say that your layout for your blog is awesome! What a neat way to show diversity in children!

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