Establishing Professional Contact and Expanding Resources

Networking and teamwork to enhance the knowledge and experience in early childhood field

Networking and teamwork to enhance the knowledge and experience in early childhood field

Establishing contacts with the early childhood professionals from around the world is really the need that I have to do in order to broaden my networking and expanding my experience as a professional in early childhood field.

This task made me think who are the people or organization that I am going to contact. Suddenly my mind sparked with the name of my long-old best friend, her name is Titik Kristiani, MSi.

Long time ago, Titik, I used to call her, was my best friend when I was in Senior High School in my hometown in Indonesia. It was long time ago, until both of us finished high school and continued our study in university. Both of us have the same interest, therefore, both of us chose psychology as a major to study in university, although we chose different university to attend.

Now my friend Titik Kristiani is not just a psychology graduate, she is also already get her Master of Science degree in psychology, and also become a lecturer in Sanata Dharma University, Yogyakarta-Indonesia.   She is also a professional in the early childhood field with her major concern is in the educational psychology. Now she is also active to maintain the learning group for the preschool age children until primary age children in a primary school in the village of Nglarang, Sleman-Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Titik Kristiani also actively gives the workshop and training for the preschool teacher in order to give them the teaching certification.

It was a good start for me since my long-fellow best friend Titik Kristiani is willing to be my professional contact to discuss such the issues and trends in early childhood, especially in my home country Indonesia.  It will be a good opportunity for me as well to keep in touch, keep update and aware with the changing issues and trends there in my home country-a place that I left already for almost a decade, a place that I always miss to be back again.

Although I am also still waiting for the replay from the early childhood professional from the other countries, I do already see a light of hope in my continuity and development of my study when my best friend Titik Kristiani is said yes to be my professional contact.

...from friendship to professional  relationship...

Thanks fellow,  that what friends are for!

Since I am preschool teacher teaching the two-years old in my class and also have a two-year old son at home, I would like expand my resources by getting to more the website Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers, and Families. Zero to Three is a national nonprofit organization that informs, trains, and supports professional policy makers, and parents in their efforts to improve the lives of infants and toddlers. Zero to Three missions is to promote the health and development of infants and toddlers. I already join the newsletter since long time ago, and receiving the newsletter in email. It was so useful to keep me update, both as a preschool teacher and a parent of a toddler!

Thanks to the technology of the online world that make it easier for me to expand my professional resources in early childhood field with the people around the world and find a great website to explore!

Muscat, Sultanate of Oman-March, 2012


Zero to Three: National Center for Infant, Toddler and Families


3 responses to “Establishing Professional Contact and Expanding Resources

  1. That is so wonderful that you are going to be able to correspond with a real professional. i am probably going to have to choose the alternative assignment as I didn’t receive any responses. I was wondering, what website you will be exploring for this course. I chose the Harlem Children’s Zone. If you have time, you should visit their website. Good luck in this course and I look forward to learning with you!

  2. It must be wonderful to reunite with your friend who will also be a contact person for the course. I’m sure you will have some enlightening conversations. I’ve not heard from my contacts, but I will also follow through with another reply. Nice post and Good Luck.

  3. Evita,
    First of all, I love the picture you chose to share on your blog. It is a great thing that educators around the world stay in contact with each other. I am glad to hear that you have a friend who will assist you in your studies for this course. I wish you the best and hope you learn from your experiences!
    Thanks for sharing,

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