My Connections to Play

Have you seen my childhood?

Long time ago,

I was a little girl-just like you

My life seemed so wonderful

without burden, without obligation,

Mom and dad seemed no bother,

when I spent most of time playing

with my sister, cousins and friends of my heart

In the spice island -as precious as the emerald,

The tropical country laid in the equator.

This the Congklak game, the Indonesian traditional game that I used to play with my sisters and friends

My sister, my cousins and my best friends

Let’s gather, then together played ‘CONGKLAK’

Set the board, get ready the small shell, stone or seed

Get as many shells as you can in your store board-

the biggest hole at the end of the board on your right side.

As we filled the holes in the board with the beads,

We filled the excitement and unforgettable memories in the hole of our heart too

……and time stood still

Until the sun set and the darkness came,

The way home was all we need to find

But recently….when I asked the children around me

Who is your best friend ever?

It come to my surprise that the answers

Were the computer, TV and games in hands.

 And when they went to school

 Teacher will said do your spelling, math and the writing

There’s no time to play cause it’s such a waste of time

..the sophisticated children nowadays.....

 Deep down in my heart I wondered and sighed,

Will the children of the future

have the abundance of free time just like I did?

When the playground, paddy-field and the meadow

Now is filled with the buildings and skyscrapers all around?

My son Fernando is so happy to immerse himself in the wave at the beach. We are all so lucky to have the natural beauty of the place to play such as this beach-The Ras al-Hamra Private Beach, Muscat-Oman

Deep down in my heart I wondered and hope

the rejoices of the heart,

the passion, the desire and the excitement of the play

Will never just be a history

and a wonderful memory  to share

..I hope I can provide my children a great environtment and support for them to always cherish their childhood with the excitement of play. This my son Fernando and my daughter Aubrey this morning, cherish the day hand in hand together along the beach in the Marina-Sifa Boutique Hotel-Sultanate of Oman

Muscat, 25 November 2011


6 responses to “My Connections to Play

  1. Evita,
    I believe I played a game very similar to the one you pictured as a young girl. In the summer our local playgrounds had attendants that would oversee the the borrowing of equipment. There were various balls, jump ropes, and table games for us to borrow while we spent our time at the park. Ours was not as elaborately carved as the one you pictured, but fun to play none the less.

  2. Evita,

    This post is so creative. Thank you for sharing! The pictures are beautiful and so is the idea. I hope our children are able to have some of the same experiences we had as children. We all need more free time in my opinion!! 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. Hi Evita,

    Wasn’t it just great reminiscing about our own childhood and the unlimited times we had for uninterrupted play. Preparing for this assigment was just awesome, because it brought back so many fond memories and it also made me see just how the children of today are missing out on those great experiences like the ones we had growing up. Them were the good old days when play was encouraged.

  4. What a great way to remember your childhood. I eould have to agree with you on how children are now so filled with demands that they do not know how to play. I look at my own children and see the things that they have missed out on outside. This explains the many childhood problems that we see. This include childhood obestiy, anger issues, social emotional and so on. Children and even adult need that time to burn off energy and clear their heads. (Myself included)

  5. Alexander Mardalis

    thanks to information..Lanjutkan pendampingannya untuk pertumbuhan anak

    • Thanks Pastor Alex,
      doakan smg ilmu ini kelak berguna bg orang banyak terutama untuk anak anak di sekeliling kita, krn merekalah yg memiliki kerajaan surga. 🙂

      Ad Maoirem Dei Gloriam


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