Teaching the Art and The Art of Teaching – Reflection on My Current Thinking

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

-Pablo Picasso

Art is very important for children, especially in their early development. Research shows that for young children, art can impact on learning and many aspects of the development. Art is a great stimulation to develop brain capacity in early childhood. In other words, art is the food for the brain! Art is not just a cooperative learning experience that develops social-emotional and multisensory skills, but also provides pleasure, challenge and mastery. Art will continue provide the opportunities for brain to develop, mastery, self esteem and creativity as the children grow.

My son Fernando (20 months) was so absorbed in painting. Expressing himself freely, he can sit, paint and concentrate for a long time.

Actually, art is a great passion in my life since long time back. I did many things to express myself in art such as painting in t-shirt, painting the wall background for a show, making costumes for my daughter if she had performance, making handmade cards as the presents for my friends, and many more.  I did those entire things for my own pleasure, satisfaction and my self-expression. At that time, little I knew that art was a remarkable activity that could be an outstanding teaching tool, not only for teaching developmental skills but also for teaching academic subjects such as math, science and literacy.

This is the expression of my daughter Aubrey. The drawing here was the reflection that her family was the centre of her attention right now. ( My Family-by Aubrey-7 years old, June-2011)

As I immersed in my study in early childhood education, I found myself became more sensitive to the issues related to early childhood field. I also observed my two children at home more closely to find out how the world was from their point of view. The door opened wider for me to many resources that I never knew before, therefore my way of teaching in the workplace was also impacted. With deeper knowledge and broader understanding in early childhood field, I could confidently create proper teaching strategies such as deciding what kind of art work that will flourish my student’s creativity in the class, or giving the right answers to the parent if they had various question about their children in my workplace, and many more.

Art are process oriented-not product-oriented, engage imagination and feeling... My students in the class ( they are just two-years-old children!) were freely expressing themself with the stroke of the brush and blue paint on the paper.

With deeper knowledge in my head, I am ready to present myself confidently as an educator. I am ready to explore the art to inspire my life every day. Not just in the class when I am teaching art to my students, but especially in the art of my teaching them from day by day.

Art will always be a great inspiration in many aspects of my life since I do believe that ‘Life Without Art is not Life’.


One response to “Teaching the Art and The Art of Teaching – Reflection on My Current Thinking

  1. m so amazed by what you’ve been doing with those children…. keep the good work, Evita! I agree: the world is full of hope! Especially when many teachers are as inspiring as you…. Viel sucess

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